“We appointed Jennings & David Construction Limited as principal contractor to carry out the construction of four new build houses and the refurbishment and conversion of a Grade II listed farmhouse into five luxury apartments at Manor Farm, Weedon, Northampton.
The project was a fixed price contract based on a detailed architect’s specification which provided certainty and peace of mind for my company as the client.
Denis O’Shea took charge of the project and he was very clear and decisive as to the programming and execution of the work: inevitably on a project of this size amendments to the initial specification of works were required as the work progressed. These were carried out without delay and priced fairly. The works to the Grade II listed farmhouse were successfully carried out under the close and demanding supervision of the local planning authority. Health and safety was a paramount consideration and a health and safety advisor and a CDM co-ordinator regularly visited the site and liaised with Jennings & David Construction Limited to ensure that the highest standards were achieved.
Jennings and David Construction went the extra mile to ensure that the project was a success: Denis provided invaluable input generally but in particular on designing the layouts of kitchens and bathrooms and his contacts supplied us with kitchens and bathrooms and he ensured that we got the best prices and the best products to match our requirements. He was always available to discuss the progress of the works and was invariably able to offer a constructive solution to the inevitable difficulties which arise in any substantial project from time to time.
We were also very impressed with the people on site (both men and women) who were invariably hard-working, punctual and co-operative. Equally importantly, the work was carried out with care and consideration for neighbours and others affected by it.
The project was completed on time and within budget. The high standard of the work resulted in most of the houses and apartments going under offer even before the work had been completed.
I have no hesitation in recommending Jennings & David Construction Limited for new build, refurbishment or conversion projects and I look forward to working with Denis and his team in the future.”

Terry Gallivan | Barn Conversion | Manor Farm | North hampton


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