Winchester Avenue  |  NW6

“Jennings & David have just completed our loft conversion in Queens Park and we can happily say that the project could not have been more successful.  Luckily for us J & D had a last minute cancelation and we were able to move quickly and get the job completed before winter set in.

From the very beginning Michael Healy took charge of the project and although we had a set of architects drawings, he made many helpful suggestions and amendments to the plans as we moved forward with the build.  For example Michael was very clear that before putting up any partition walls ,we should plot out the best positions for these once the raw space had been created.  This meant that we ended up with a larger landing and a more space efficient and practical bathroom than we would have done if we had followed the original plans.

Michael would give us plenty of warning if we needed to make a decision about the build, eg when we would need to have the bathroom fixtures or windows in place.  During the course of the job, we also got J & D to do some other bits and pieces to the house – re roofing the flat rear addition roof, demolishing a wall and plaster boarding a collapsed ceiling.  All of these items were dealt with very fairly and efficiently.

The other guys who were on site were also very good, tidy, respectful and helpful making  the whole process much easier than it might have been.  Also Michael’s recommendations for other contractors and suppliers were really useful and saved us some money.

In the end we have created from scratch a fantastic new space and  the  best testament to Jennings & David we can give is that if were to do it all over again we would without hesitation use them again.”

Matt and Susie Briggs | Winchester Avenue NW6


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